The Best Legal Directories You’ve Never Heard Of

Chances are very good that you’ve heard of FindLaw, Martindale-Hubbell, Nolo, and Avvo – all large legal websites with directories for lawyers and law firms. They’re well-known in legal circles and among the public to a degree. But just because they’re well-known doesn’t mean they’re affordable or easy to navigate. Trying to figure out their site policies and prices for accounts can be a hassle, and when you do, the cost can be astronomical. The good news is, they’re not the only legal directories out there. Following are four lesser-known directories that are worth taking a look at.

Name Ahrefs Domain rating What we like about it Minimum price to get link
#1 Lawyer Legion 59 Can add detailed biographies and link your blog with an RSS feed Free only
#2 Lawguru 72 Vibrant Q&A forum Free only
#3 JustGreatLawyers 67 Great value, easy to navigate, can publish articles $199 p/yr
#4 78 Easy to navigate, lots of information $195 p/yr

1. Lawyer Legion

Lawyer Legion is at the top of our list because it is a fully featured website that doesn’t charge anything for an account. It lets you claim your profile, load it up with information, link to social media profiles, and add an RSS feed to your blog just to name a few features. You can build your legal directory page any way you see fit and get almost all the benefits of a typical premium listing at no cost. There is no limit on the amount of information you put on your profile. As an added bonus, the site has a professional and attractive design.

2. Lawguru

Lawguru is different from other legal directory sites in that it uses a question-and-answer format (Q&A) for lawyers and clients to find one another. The idea behind the website is to create a searchable database of commonly asked legal questions. Lawyers create a profile for free and provide general answers to people wanting to learn more about a specific area of law. If the person who’s looking for answers needs a more in-depth answer, they can pay an attorney to help them find a solution to their problem via the site. Lawguru offers lawyers the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and find clients for free.

The site layout could be better, but it does draw in people who want and need legal help. Creating a profile on the site can boost your website search engine rankings and connect you with people in your area who need legal help.

3. JustGreatLawyers

JustGreatLawyers is a fully-featured legal directory that is exceptionally easy to navigate. It offers three membership tiers. The free membership is comparable to other directories. You get a searchable listing with up three practice areas, but no contact information or website link. Where JustGreatLawyers breaks away from the pack is at the featured and premium account levels. For $199 a year you can list up to 10 practice areas and three locations, publish up to three articles, put in a phone number, link to your website, upload photos, and receive reviews. No ads are put on your listing to detract from the information you want people to read. For budget-conscious attorneys, it’s one of the best values we found.

4. is an attractive legal directory that provides a wealth of information about the law to people who are seeking to learn more about a particular legal topic. It offers a basic listing for free or a premium listing for $195 a year. The free listing includes simple contact information – company or lawyer name, area of expertise, address, and phone numbers. In contrast, the premium listing offers excellent value with features that include profile listing on and and listings for up to 50 areas of expertise. You can add a photograph, link to social media pages, and publish legal articles (although they do not include do-follow links to the author’s website).

The site’s search engine returns results quickly to users and lists premium accounts higher in the results. And a site editor is available to go over your listing and make corrections if necessary. The premium listing service gives great value for the amount of information you’re allowed to list on the site.

Methodology:  We started with more than 100 legal directories. We eliminated small niche directories that only include particular specialties (ex. bankruptcy) and broad directories that include other types of professionals as well as lawyers (ex. real estate agents, accountants.) Then we focused on directories that have an Ahrefs domain rating of at least 30. That left us with 34 contenders. For this ranking, we evaluated directories on five main criteria: affordability, helpful to prospective clients, easy to navigate for lawyers, good design, and the opportunity to include a lot of information in the profile. All of these sites deliver on these criteria and some offer top-notch features at a price point that beats out the major legal directories while offering up similar services to clients and lawyers alike.

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